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Coaxial cable supplier

When customers round the world require a coaxial cable supplier which will supply the solutions that give them a foothold, they have a coaxial cable supplier that gives quite just on time delivery and affordable prices, but innovative solutions, impressive performance, and proven reliability also. Choose Mnr Global Technologies as a coaxial cable distributor for hassle-free service.

As a coaxial cable supplier for a good range of industries round the world, Polycab has worked to constantly improve our design and manufacturing processes to supply customers such as you with a competitive advantage through bulk pricing and innovative engineering. it has Minimum loss in signal quality, better reception. Moisture resistance. Major application covers the Broadcasting industry and Entertainment.


RG-59F, RG 6F,RG 6 CCS, RG 11F and RG 11F CCS Nitrogen gas injected polyethylene foam insulation Composite AI foil Laminated, and AI Alloy Braided for low attenuation with minimum structured return loss under extreme weather to offer excellent signal quality Giving clear reception on higher bandwidth covering quite 100 channels


Copper has a high heat transfer coefficient, making it a terrific heat exchanger. The best part is, copper barely needs replacement as it lasts long. it reduces the cost of replacement.

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Coaxial cable supplier