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High Voltage Cables Suppliers

Polycabs high voltage cables suppliers are lead-free, which makes them light, easy to handle, eco-friendly, watertight and more efficient. XLPE; insulation by CCV process with triple head extrusion.

Extremely reliable high voltage cables are used in power transfer and distribution, national transfer network cabling, electric stations and municipal networks. If required, our high-voltage cables can also be manufactured of special plastics when, having a fire rating, they can also be installed indoors and in tunnels.

Mnr Global technologies is close to its customers and knows their needs. As a result, we do not focus on standard products alone – we supply tailored products that require special solutions, such as customer-specific cable structures and solutions.

High voltage cables are mainly used to build municipal networks and to improve the reliability of networks. The use of Polycabs high voltage cables suppliers enables the transfer of power networks underground, which has proven to be a reliable method of avoiding any power failures caused by storms. In addition, FR/FRLSH/PVC ST2/PE/LSZH sheathing, Aluminium/Copper Conductor, 3.3 kV to 33 kV, 35 sqmm to 1200 sqmm, Armored / Unarmored. By building power networks that are more resistant to extreme weather and demanding conditions.

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High Voltage Cables