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Control panel for submersible motors Suppliers

To get the top-notch quality control panel for submersible motors, MNR Global Technologies will give the best. Control panels usually give the external signal which is required to start the motors. They are used to accommodate instruments for the purpose of measurement, monitoring, protection and managing the process. To mark our service at your doorstep, MNR Global Technologies have partnered with top quality brands across India.

Control panels for submersible motors Suppliers of superior quality are provided by MNR Global Technologies - Electrical Products Vendors. The control panels are available in digital and analog variants with Single Phase and Three Phase Panels. The single-phase pumps range in power from 0.5 to 5 HP and the 3 phase pumps range in power from 5 HP to 25 HP. These are suitable for borewell submersible pumps.

The features of the Control panels for submersible motors includes:

  • Power ranging from 0.5 HP to 5 HP
  • Suitable for Borewell Submersible Pumps
  • Analog Type Amps Meter & Volt Meter
  • Bimetal Thermal Overload Relay
  • Start Capacitor and Run Capacitor
  • MCB for Safe Tripping in Short-circuit
  • Housed in Powder coated Steel Enclosure.

These excellent features and our dedication to provide top quality products for our customers have enabled us to emerge as one of the leading vendors of Control panels for submersible motors Suppliers. This is one of the reason for buy the products with us. The name you can trust.

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Control panels for submersible motors