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Ehv cable manufacturers in India

The most trusted Ehv cable manufacturers in India are MNR Electricals. This reputation has been earned owing to the high quality of the EHV cables, that are vital for power transmission and distribution, being manufactured by us. The Polycab wires suppliers are suitable for a wide range of loads including 66kV, 110kV, 132kV and 220kV.

The Ehv cable manufacturers in India have incorporated high qualities to the cables which include Milliken type conductor up to 2500 sq mm and Aluminium Corrugated / Lead Sheath / AL-PE Laminate sheathing. Ultra clean rooms for semi-conductive material and XLPE insulation by CCV process with triple head extrusion is provided. The cables are safe and easy to install, are low on maintenance when compared to overhead conductors and have longer life. They are suitable for use in high value land in densely populated areas. The Ehv cables have applications in Power Transmission and Distribution, Power Generation Station, Metro Rail, Industrial Parks, Airport, Smart Cities etc.

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Ehv cable manufacturers in India