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Instrumentation Cable Dealers In Hyderabad

Instrumentation cables are used to give reliable performances for industrial plants and manufacturing facilities. Our MNR Global is the best supplier for Instrumentation cables.

We provide high-quality polycab throughout India as per customized requirements. These cables convey low energy electrical for controlling the power system. Our MNR supplies these cables to meet the International standard for the desired requirement.

These are used for both transmit and receive one protocol. They are divided into three types called

1. Signal Cable

2. Control cable

3. Power Cable

Instrumentation cables are used in a wide range of automation and various industries for process control. We supply different types of cables like PE/PVC/HR-PVC/Quaid laid up shielded.


1. Flexible

2. High temperature withstanding capacity for Silicon Rubber

We are the best Instrumentation cable suppliers throughout India and delivers your bulk orders within time.

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