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LAN Cable Distributors In Telangana

MNR Global Technologies are one of the topmost LAN Cable distributors in Telangana. LAN Stands for Local Area Network which interconnects computers in offices, buildings, labs and many workplaces. We have a team of operations who deals with every aspect with clients.

We distribute co-axial cables and Fibre cables. Lan cables are a part of our daily life in many ways.

Advantages with LAN cables:

1. When a new version is out, it only loads to the server.

2. One can retrieve their work from any workstation on the network.

3. Speed

4. Network Security.


1. Networks are difficult to set up and need to be maintained by top technicians.

MNR Global Technologies has the top most advanced qualified technicians, who work into every minute details about the LAN Cables. We use an ethernet cable, which is the simplest way of handling LAN. We distribute this to all the industries, labs and many workplaces all over Telangana.

Mnr Global Technologies LAN Cable facility has a Hi-tech distribution setup consisting of a fully automated and sophisticated production facility with extraordinary processes.

LAN Cables are designed to support Hi speed data transmission offering superior performance and reliability. Our LAN Cables comply and exceed the requirements.

We specialize in custom-built wires and cables and are a preferred supplier to many leading OEM's and Automotive component manufacturers around the world.

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LAN Cable Distributors In Telangana