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Street light luminaires suppliers

When it comes to Street light luminaires Suppliers in Hyderabad, MNR Global Technologies dominate on the market list. Street Lights used to promote security in urban areas. It also improves safety for riders and pedestrians. So, MNR Global Technologies plays a significant role to ensure safety for the society.

Distinct and Diverse designs and patterns of Luminaires are available to suit the requirement of the clients. They are high reliability and which saves energy up-to 50 per cent. Luminar Light is highly efficient. Crompton plays a prominent role for better protection. It comprehends lamp housing with heat resistant tough-end glass. We are the front-runners in Hyderabad and incorporated to many highways, large link roads, IT Parks and Residential Colonies.

One of the leading Street light luminaires suppliers in Hyderabad is MNR Electricals. Street light luminaires of exceedingly high quality are supplied to our clients. These street light luminaries are designed using the best quality components and cutting-edge technology. Distinct and diverse designs and patterns of Crompton Greaves Distributors are available to suit the requirements of our clients.

Our team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals ensure top quality components are incorporated into the design thereby guaranteeing longevity. The street light luminaires have attractive designs, high strength and energy saving features. They are light in weight with an LED luminous efficiency of greater than 100 Lumens per Watt. The exceptional features of our products along with our quick turnaround have enabled us to emerge as one of the prominent Street light luminaires suppliers in Hyderabad.

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Street light luminaires suppliers


City and Service Roads,
National and State Highways,
City Beautification -Parks and Façade Lighting of Heritage Buildings and Monuments.

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