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High Mast Lights Suppliers

High Mast lights Suppliers, Mnr Global Technologies is India's leading and an authorized dealer for Crompton greaves in Hyderabad. Our commitment is to ensure safety and secure lighting by providing much-needed light. By keeping in mind, every high mast lighting tower is supposed to have key details like lighting load, tower weight and height, weather condition and native soil. High mast lighting could also be a kind of area light fixture that's commonly used to illuminate large areas from a very high mounting height available for public use and safety purposes.

Used By Highways, municipal authorities, parking lots, Sports facilities Airports, streets, Heavy industry zones, shipping ports — require further emphasis on safety and security.

High mast fixtures are typically mounted on poles 35-40 feet to 145-150 feet tall, with four to 16 fixtures mounted on each pole. Whereas coming to the lighting performance, superior quality material & highly reasonable. We confirm that the delivery of the merchandise is getting on time, and doesn't hamper the condition of products. Hence we are the dominant within the market as a High Mast lights Suppliers and distributors. We are located in Hyderabad, Chat with us through Live Chat & get quick responses for your queries.

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