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Push Button Stations Suppliers in Hyderabad

MNR Global technologies are one of the leading push Stations Suppliers in Hyderabad. These buttons are nothing, but a switching mechanism to regulate the actual aspect of a mechanism.

Push buttons are usually utilized in the magnetic locks, mechanical and electronic devices across industries. They are made from high quality material, usually plastic or metal. The latest advanced technology is used within the robust design and a manufacturing of those push-button stations. Thanks to physical nature, they still require spring to return to their unpushed state. As per the client requirement, we will deliver bulk orders and do customize designs.

Weatherproof Push Button Stations of superior quality are offered by MNR Electricals. Superior raw materials and latest technology is employed in the design and manufacturing of these push button stations. They are easy to operate and are highly durable.

The push button stations adhering to different technical specifications are available with us. They are available at reasonable prices and we also ensure prompt delivery. High grade aluminium or sheet metal is used to make this equipment which goes through a series of tests to ensure high standards of the product.

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Push Button Stations