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Railway Signaling Cables

Our extensive line of superior quality railway signaling cables ensure performance, flexible application and safety while lowering your cost through easier and faster installation, simplified maintenance and infrastructure longevity.

Mnr Global Technologies are trusted dealer names in the market, we consistently provide you with new innovations and better technology to overcome the challenges you face in evolving railway signaling cables applications. 1.1 kV Grade Copper Conductor Armored Unscreened PVC Insulated Cable, As per IRS 63/2007 with amendment number 1 or latest, and Rail Signaling.

The most trusted name Polycabs cables and wires remains your best choice for Rail Signaling and cable, while our application-specific and custom-engineered cable designs meet your exact needs. Backed by responsive customer service, dedicated engineering support and on-time quality deliverables, we not only provide you with the industry’s toughest railway signaling cables – we deliver the value and results you need to succeed in the project.

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Railway Signaling Cables